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Office in 1120 Wien, 428,00 - 2.050,00 m² Effective Area

1120 Vienna
No.: 305/00466
Floor Area: 428,00 sqm - 2.050,00 sqm
Net Rent / sqm: € 13,70 - € 13,80
Operating costs / sqm: € 3,90 / m²
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  01/ 205 215 - 36
VCard  VCard
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The project is distinguished in particular by the following factors:
· Individual room and function concepts
· Maximum variability
· Ultra-modern building technology
· Options for multi-functional use
· Good infrastructure: restaurant, shops etc.
· Conference centre can be rented
FACILITIES: Office space

· Exterior sun protection
· Premium cooling with modern cooling strips
· All rooms are have ventilation and air extraction
· Raised floors, suspended ceiling
· Computer-compatible workstation lighting
· Goods lifts in each building
· Cabling meeting the specific requirements of the tenant is not included in the facilities provided by the landlord.

Energy performance certificate available: 04.05.2009
Heating consumption: 37.97kWh/m².a (Building A)
Heating consumption: 35.80kWh/m².a (Building B)
Heating consumption: 36.23kWh/m².a (Building C)

Energy performance certificate available: 03.03.2009
Heating consumption: 41.76kWh/m².a (Building D)
Heating consumption: 41.82kWh/m².a (Building E)

energy performance certificate
available: 07.05.2009
Heating consumption: 37.20kWh/m².a (Building F)

energy performance certificate available: 30.03.2010
Heating consumption: 36.00kWh/m².a (Building G)

energy performance certificate available: 07.03.2013
Heating consumption: 16.13kWh/m².a (Building H)
Heating consumption: 19.77kWh/m².a (Building I)
Heating consumption: 19.56kWh/m².a (Building J)

Garage, Building A, B, C: € 118.00/parking space/month/net incl. operating costs
Garage, Building D, E: € 118.23/parking space/month/net incl. operating costs
Garage, Building F: € 118.00/parking space/month/net incl. operating costs
Garage, Building G: € 125.00/parking space/month/net incl. operating costs
Parking deck Euro Plaza: € 112.80/parking space/month/net incl. operating costs
Visitor’s parking space: €   85.00/parking space/month/net
Parking space Liebenstrasse: €   82.00/parking space/month/net
Parking space on Euro Platz: €   82.00/parking space/month/net

Infrastructure is already available in Office Park EURO PLAZA:
· Conference rooms
· Restaurants
· Postal service
· Copy shop
· Health centre
· Car wash


Public: U6: Philadelphiabrücke station
Bus route 64A, 63A, 8A,15A and 10A in the immediate vicinity
Tram line 62 and Badner Bahn are within walking distance
Vienna-Meidling suburban railway is a few minutes’ away

Private: South-east tangent, Inzersdorf/Triester Strasse junction

All prices are exclusive of VAT at the statutory rate.

Floor Area Table:

Structural ComponentTypeFloorFreie FlächeTeilbar abTerraceNote
Bauteil DOffice 2 359,00
Bauteil EOffice 2 428,00
Bauteil EBüro 2 820,00
Bauteil FOffice 3 705,00
Bauteil HOffice 3 571,00
Bauteil FBüro 5 802,00


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