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1220 Wien
Property No.: 305/00075
Ares Tower. Architektur


From 1999 until 2001, Ares Tower was built according to the plans of Professor Heinz Neumann in the area of Donau City and presents itself with classical elegance in the heart of Vienna DC, where it impresses with outstanding infrastructure.
Ares Tower. Projekt


Ares Tower is one of the most efficient office buildings in Vienna, which impresses with highest flexibility as well as with its subtle elegance.

A special highlight of Ares Tower is the two-floor event location Wolke 19 (“Cloud 19”) on the top floors, which provides a representative framework for company events and from which one can see over 60 kilometers on clear days.
Ares Tower. Standort


Ares Tower is located within Donau City in the 22nd district, Vienna’s business district, which, not least due to its ideal location at the recreational area Neue Donau and its perfect connection to traffic, is one of the most successful locations in Europe.

The infrastructure of this district reaches from banks, shops for daily needs and restaurants to a pharmacy, a health center and hotels as well as kindergartens.

By metro, one is only eight minutes away from the city center. Via the underground motorway feeder, one is directly connected to Europeans arterial routes and Vienna International Airport is also easy and convenient to reach via the motorway.
Ares Tower. Nutzung


Key data:

- Height: 100 m
- Area Total: 61.000 m2
- Area Total Rentable: approx. 40.000 m2
- Area per Floor Rentable: 1.000 - 1.400 m2
- Floors: 26
- Highlight: Cloud 19

The optimum use of floor areas is guaranteed through the architectural design of the building in the form of the two building panes that are angled towards each other.

Outstanding: The office spaces at the end of each floor are illuminated from three sides.

The highest quality of technical equipment and 24-hours technical support guarantee a smooth office functioning at all times.

A special feature: the windows of the Ares Tower are openable
Ares Tower. Flächen & Eckdaten


Floor Area Table:

TypeFloorFreie FlächeTeilbar abTerraceNote
Büro 6 645,00
Office 9 696,00
Office 14 1.430,00
Office 15 1.432,00
Office 17 446,00
Büro 22 239,00
Floor Area: 239,31 sqm - 4.890,56 sqm
Net Rent / sqm: € 13,00 - € 18,00
Operating costs / sqm: € 4,70 / m²


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