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1110 Wien
Property No.: 305/00322
Office Campus Gasometer. Architektur


The project offers flexible office spaces equipped with the latest standards, which will meet the demands of businessmen and their employees for years to come. In a new, high-class neighborhood of Vienna, Office Campus Gasometer offers the business environment for growth and success. Office Campus Gasometer is part of a development area, in which the historic, more than 100 years old gasometers stand, which, after the realization of latest architectural concepts including apartments, shops and restaurants, one of Austria’s biggest movie theater and a broad spectrum of leisure facilities, offer a complete residential and business infrastructure.

Gasometer has rapidly earned its reputation as “city within the city.” With the successful completion of further 28.397 m², the successful concept of the first constructions phase, entirely leased to Statistik Austria, was continued in the second phase of construction. The first tenants of the second phase (Merz Beteiligungs GmbH, Allianz, VTU Engineering) follow this example.
Office Campus Gasometer. Projekt


As pioneering project in a new, high-class neighborhood of Vienna, Office Campus Gasometer is part of a redevelopment, in which the historical gasometers are central. Here, a “city within a city” was developed, which includes a broad range of shopping, leisure and event facilities.
Office Campus Gasometer. Standort


Through the direct link to the metro system, the Vienna’s motorway network and its location on the axis between city center and Vienna Airport, Office Campus Gasometer is easy and convenient to reach from the immediate vicinity as well as from all countries of Europe.

A generous supply of subterranean parking opportunities ensures the perfect closure of a pleasant journey to Office Campus Gasometer for tenants as well as for visitors. The impressive list of neighboring companies, among which a large number of international corporations, is further proof of the unique combination of tradition, accessibility and infrastructure of Gasometer.

Direct motorway connection to the International Airport (10 min)
Gasometer-Metro station U3 (10 min to the center „Stephansplatz“)
Office Campus Gasometer. Nutzung


Innovative development concept with internal connecting glass paths

Efficient, adaptable office spaces with a depth of 15 and 18 meters.

Air-conditioned, with access floor and suspended ceilings.

Single- or multi-level office spaces

Bauteil 3a
1st FLca. 1.196,00 m²
2st FLca. 1.202,00 m²
4st FLca. 706,00 m²
Bauteil 3b
2st FLca. 1.055,00 m²
3st FLca. 1.056,00 m²
4st FLca. 527,00 m²
6st FLca. 528,00 m²
Bauteil 4a
6st FLca. 713,00 m²
Bauteil 4b
4st FLca. 463,00 m²
Bauteil 5
Ground-Floorca. 311,00 m²

Lager- und Archivflächen vorhanden!
Office Campus Gasometer. Flächen & Eckdaten


Floor Area Table:

Structural ComponentTypeFloorFreie FlächeTeilbar abTerraceNote
5Office EG 310,00
Floor Area: 310,69 sqm - 310,69 sqm
Net Rent / sqm: € 9,00 - € 9,00
Operating costs / sqm: € 4,30 / m²


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