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1030 Wien
Property No.: 305/00023
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Redesign of the shopping mall & offices (Raumbau Architects)

The overall concept described below outlines the redesign of the shopping mall, which includes an inner courtyard on the ground floor, a green grass area on the first floor and the refurbishment of the front of the building.

The strategy behind this design was to present a coherent architectural vision, which conveys both a convincing identity to q bik users as well as to the general public.

Warm and natural colors were chosen in order to create a pleasant atmosphere as well as bright workplaces.
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The office building q bik is located in the 3rd district in Vienna. It was built in 1989 and revitalized in 2006.

The building holds approximately 12.200 sqm rentable office space on six floors including the courtyard.

Double lined floors are located at the respective corners of the building with two elevators and a staircase that is open to all upper and ground floors. The top floor is equipped with a terrace.

There are plenty of parking spaces available on two of the ground floors.
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The location is accessible by:

Public Transport:
bus 77A
tram 71, 71, D
express train: Rennweg station

Private Transport:
Rennweg station connects the centre of the city with the Simmeringer Haupstraße via the South-East bypass. This enables a very good connection to the centre of the city as well as to the airport.
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An underground car park is located on the ground floor alongside a storage space.

The shopping arcade is on the first floor with office space designated on the 6 upper floors.

The room height is approximately 2,80m; together with the individually controlled ventilation system, the height assists in creating a cooler atmosphere. The ceilings are equipped with down lights and pendant lights. Additionally the rooms are equipped with double glazed windows, which have external sun protection. Fernwäre Wien supplies the building with electricity, natural gas and heating. The main entrance is spacious and prestigious. The upper and lower floors are accessed via a staircase and also via several lifts. The inner courtyard is peaceful with green grass areas and has been beautifully designed. The surrounding environment is characterized by buildings from the period of promoterism.

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Floor Area Table:

Structural ComponentTypeFloorFreie FlächeTeilbar abTerraceNote
Stiege 3Büro 1 267,00
Stiege 4Büro 1 314,00
Stiege 1Office 1 582,00
Stiege 2Office 2 312,00
Floor Area: 267,60 sqm - 1.477,25 sqm
Net Rent / sqm: € 9,90 - € 11,00
Operating costs / sqm: € 4,00 / m²


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