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1190 Wien
Property No.: 305/00512
Skyline. Architektur


The planned project ‘Skyline’ by the architects Tillner &Willinger located in the 19th district constitutes the northern area of the already existing project ‘URBION’- a revitalization project of the Gürtel. It aims to prevent high-class urban areas from erosion by supporting the regeneration of the urban landscape.

At an unused transport junction of the Viennese underground lies a courtyard in a curved triangular shape: this has held undeveloped urban potential for decades. Mighty arches by the architect Otto Wagner shape the character of this place and protect the courtyard from traffic noise. The urbanity of this space required an inviting approach, making it publically accessible and attracting residents of the neighboring city districts as well as people using the underground. Skyline Spittelau lies above the abandoned underground station thus ensuring the preservation of this historical viaduct. This provides a meeting place, characterized by the arts and entertainment scene in the underground arches of the Gürtel.

The former U6 junction is overbuild with a 180m long transom, that goes along the piers to the Heiligenstädterstraße. Along the arches an overbuilding in the form of a displaced circular arc was placed to conduct a communicating artifact linking the historical and newly constructed structure. The floor above the track level forms a transparent body, which absorbs the height difference of the inclined arches, thus achieving a floating character. The upper floors merge into a conical surface at the tip, creating a connection to the inclined façade of the Heiligenstädter wing and giving it a distinctive mark. The arches and the office building are defined by a generous opening into the courtyard, where the main entrance is located.

The supporting construction is build upon the marginal conditions of Otto Wagner. Its ceiling system enables unsupported stretching over the width of the building. Through this, coatings in the office areas or disruptive supports in area of the arches can be prevented.

Skyline. Projekt


At a particularly interesting intersection of the city above the historic building structure of the underground arches created by Otto Wagner a new extraordinary building developed, which combines modern architecture, lifestyle and a perfect transport connection – the SKYLINE!

After the ‘re-discovery’ of the historical underground arches the entire environment flourished. In addition to the outstanding architectural design of the building, the beautiful courtyard provides particular added value to tenants. The lively inner courtyard offers a bakery as well as several restaurants and Cafes, which invites guests to stay and relax.
Skyline. Standort


Skyline is located just perfectly. The underground station Spittelau and also the two most important underground lines U4 and U6 are connected through the so-called Skywalk. It is also only a few minutes into the city centre by private transport via Handelskai or over the Donauufer Highway.

Public Transport:
Underground Station Spittelau (U4 or U6), Tram 37, 38 and D, Bus 35A and 37A

Private Transport:
The centre of the city can be reached in just a few minutes via the Gürtel.
Skyline. Nutzung


The modern and accessible office spaces are available to rent in the sizes from around 300 to 1.500 square meters. A sound absorbing double façade ensures quiet working conditions and a pleasant atmosphere.

Key information:

- 15.700 sqm office space
- 265 garage parking
Skyline. Flächen & Eckdaten


Floor Area Table:

TypeFloorFreie FlächeTeilbar abTerraceNote
GL EG 178,00
Office 5 432,00
Office 7 566,00
Office 7 645,00
Floor Area: 178,00 sqm - 1.822,74 sqm
Net Rent / sqm: € 12,90 - € 18,40
Operating costs / sqm: € 7,30 / m²


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